I feel personally victimized by Australia about 90% of the time. Like. At this point Australia is just making shit up to fuck with me. Australia has a vendetta, and it's against me. I'm not entirely sure that the continent wasn't formed just to make me question everything I know. I'm also not convinced that Australia isn't like, an alien planet that crashed into Earth and then the aliens decided to hang out and were like "hey, you know what'd be funny. Let's fuck with this one chick in particular." I don't trust Australia, I don't trust the things that supposedly happen there. I don't even trust that it exists. Maybe it's an idea. A thought that someone had. And now they keep building on it with the help of other people and I'm the only one not in on the joke. Is Australia an inside joke? Someone better tell me if Australia is an inside joke. The people seem nice, though.





The office of the future is a self-driving car

This makes me feel weird

This greatly concerns me. My car’s computer thinks the coolant level is low when it’s fine and also keeps telling me I need an oil change even though I had one two weeks ago and my oil is fine (I’ve checked). If that kind of crap can go wrong with my car, what can go wrong with these cars?

As long as the GPS is up to date and can deal with contruction, I will trust it with the other things.

The GPS is the least of my worries. What happens when a kid runs in front of your car and because a sensor is broken, the car doesn’t stop? What happens when the car miscalculates, doesn’t realize how slippery the road is, and doesn’t slow down enough before stopping? What happens when someone hacks your car and sends it wherever the fuck they want to, all the while you’re trapped inside? Sure, operator error is an issue, but I’d rather depend on myself over a piece of technology any day. 

(Source: fastcompany)